[Tutor] strange hotshot error

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 15 22:34:12 CET 2005

> This is highly unusual!  This should have worked without any error
> messages, as both the 'profile' and 'hotshot' modules are part of the
> Standard Library, and should work out of the box.

Hi Tpc,

Oh, wait.  The above statement is usually true, unless we're running
something from a Linux distribution like Debian testing.  Let me make that
assumption for the moment, until I see your 'sys.version' string.

Debian, which does its own packaging of Python, often tears apart the
Standard Library into individual packages due to licensing issues.  In
particular, Debian separates the profiling stuff into a separate Debian
package called 'python-profiler':


If you are running Debian's testing distribution, you will need to do an
'apt-get python-profiler' first.

Of course, this is only a wild guess that depends on the core assumption
that you are running Debian Testing.  So, if you aren't, ignore everything
I said.  *grin*

Hope this helps!

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