[Tutor] Newbie in Python (fwd)

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 16 18:01:05 CET 2005

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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:03:13 +1100
From: oscar ng <oscar2 at aapt.net.au>
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Subject: RE: [Tutor] Newbie in Python (fwd)

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the reference.  I managed to read all the folders and am able
to open all the files in the directory using a for loop
Here is the code:

def getFiles(parent):
    #used to get the parent directory for the files to process

      mainFolder = os.listdir(parent)

      for a in mainFolder:
          if os.path.isdir(parent + "/" + a):
              subfolders = [a]          ##set the subfolders to the its
              print subfolders
              getFiles(parent + "/" + a)


             fileName = [parent + "/" + a]

             listFile = a       #listFile is a list that holds the name
of 					  #files

             #print listFile,

             #listFile[a] +=1
             #print listFile

             for b in fileName:
                inputFile = open(b)         #inputFile holds the
#individual/basic files to be
                listText = inputFile.read() #listText holds entire texts
of 							  #all the files
from parent

                print listText

I need now to ask how I can process the headers "subject" of each
individual email/file as the content of the "subject" determines the
appropriate category I need to place them into.  As listtext only prints
all the emails in the folder.

Also is there a way I can count the number of files ie  listFile[a] +=1
as this keeps giving errors when running it.

Thanks heaps


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