[Tutor] Convert doesn't work... I'm stumped

Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Thu Mar 17 02:47:45 CET 2005

Oh, god!! I found my problem... I was using the inverses incorrectly -- in 
Advanced Calculus
and I can't even do algebra correctly. To make a long story short, in the 
second functions I was putting the x in the denominator when it needs to be 
in the numerator...

But! Your post is not in vain, Danny. I like the idea of storing the value 
instead of two functions.
As for the rational module--I didn't know it existed, so I have written my 
own. I was going to post it some time this week to flaunt my newest cool 
thing, but this caught my attention...


> >
>> A table that stores a similar amount of information might be something
>> like this:
>> ###
>> meterRatios = { 'm'  : D(1),           ##     1 meter  == 1 meter
>>                 'km' : D(1000),        ##  1000 meters == 1 kilometer
>>                 'cm' : D(1)/D(100),    ##  .001 meters == 1 centimeter
>>                 'mm' : D(1)/D(1000),   ## .0001 meters == 1 millimeter
>>                  }
>> ###
> [some text cut]
>> That is, from the table above, we can see that since there's one meter
>> to a thousanth of a millimeter, we can go the other way and say that one
>> thousand millimeters is one meter.  (1/x)
> Oh good grief, did I really write that?  I'm sorry, I meant to say:
> """[...] since there's one-thousandth of a meter in a millimeter, we can
> go the other way and say that there are one thousand millimeters in one
> meter. """
> I can debug code with some fluency, but I have to do better to debug my
> English.  *grin*

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