[Tutor] program for creation of unique objects

Brainerd HeadFat pickleboy77 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 05:33:32 CET 2005


  I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to create multiple
  objects that contain duplicate entries that can be uniquely identified
  within a Tkinter GUI.

  I want a user to define an item and then
  define multiple characteristics about that item,
  save a dictionary of items,
  and then reload the items back into the GUI upon restart.

  The code I'm have trouble with looks something like this.

def newitem():
    itemframe = Frame(parent)
    entry1 = Entryfield(itemframe)
    entry2 = Entryfield(itemframe)
    button1 = Button(itemframe, command = update())

def update():
    a = entry1.getvalue()
    b = entry2.getvalue()
    values = [a,b]
    print values

  The problem I'm having is that as soon as the user runs newitem()
  the previous itemframe loses its name and i can only access the most 
  created itemframe.

  I feel like the most convenient way to accomplish this would be something 

    x = Frame() in parent
    itemframe'x' = itemframe

  Where 'x' is a unique integer.  But I don't know how to create unique 
variables on the fly.

  I'm sure there are a thousand ways to accomplish what I'm trying to,
  and it seems like a trivial thing that gets dealt with all the time,
  and I'm embarrased that I have to ask.
  I'm pretty new to programming and this is my first attempt at a GUI or a 
really useful program.  Thanks for your help.

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