[Tutor] blocking user access

John Fouhy jfouhy at paradise.net.nz
Wed Mar 23 21:17:13 CET 2005

Diana Hawksworth wrote:
> Hi!  I need help on blocking user access to a message box - for example, 
> the program could provide an answer to an input.  At the moment, the 
> user has access to - and can type into - that "answer" space. How do I 
> prevent that from happening please?

Are you using Tkinter?

You could bind '<Key>' to nothing in the entry widget.  eg:

self.answer = Tkinter.Entry(master)
def noop(e):
     return 'break'
self.answer.bind('<Key>', noop)

--- actually, scratch that.  For Tkinter, just make the widget disabled.


Just remember that it needs to be enabled when you put the answer in.


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