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Kooser, Ara S askoose at sandia.gov
Thu Mar 24 01:53:15 CET 2005

Welcome. And we all start as newbies (eerrr Level 1 programmers armed with a +1 Python and d4 hit points)

"My first question is do i need to really understand everything first time I 
come across or does it get easier if you kind of move along and get back to 
it later?"

Run through a tutorial or two and then try and program something of use to you. I started with a simple program to convert between data formats.

"Second question: As i am not, unfortunately, involved professionaly  in the 
field of programming is there a specific technique to learn other than just 
read everything I put my hand on?"

Start writing small programs that you need for your job or future job. Do have a few in mind?

"Third question: Does anybody know if it is possible to get involved in this 
field in a non-lucrative kind of way in order to learn faster and of course 
to apply this science in a real world."

What area of science? 

Another good tutorial is http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/alan.gauld/
and it's available in other languages as well.

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