[Tutor] Using python to write games

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Mar 26 21:15:21 CET 2005

David Holland wrote:
> Is there any material anyone knows about how to use
> pure python without pygame to write games ?  The
> reason for asking, is that although pygame is good it
> has the disadvantage of that your users must have
> pygame.  It is also harder to create a stand alone
> .exe with python ?

What kind of games, for what platform? Obviously you could write a text-based game without PyGame. 
You can do simple animations in Tkinter - see http://effbot.org/zone/tkinter-animation.htm and 
http://www.astro.washington.edu/owen/TkinterSummary.html#After. You can play sounds with WinSound.

My guess is that for a complex game you will want things that pygame supplies like double-buffered 
drawing and an event system.

Just a guess though, I haven't done this myself.


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