[Tutor] Re: Dates and databases, and blobs and Python.

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 27 00:57:08 CET 2005

>Just a quick query. I want to store dates and work with them in my
>SQLite database.
>There's no specific need for any calculations to done on one side or
>another (i.e. it's a single user database).
>I googled how to work with dates in SQL, and I got one like this -
>WHERE wk BETWEEN '1980/05/20'
>               AND '1980/05/26'
>as an example of finding a range for a date. I'm not too sure about
>how SQL works with dates (and times for that matter), so I'm tempted
>to stick to what I know and just store dates/times as strings in the
>db, and then use them to create datetime objects when needed.

I have not worked much with sqlite, but from this page:
it appears that sqlite does not have a date datatype.

>>>>theDateTime = datetime.datetime(intD[0], intD[1], intD[2], intT[0], 
>Although working with dates like that doesn't seem that flash either.

Well... create a wrapper function to clean it up, right?

>Alternatively, I was thinking of storing the actual datetime object in
>the database (this is a blob I believe?), and that's a whole new
>kettle of fish.

I have heard a lot of really good things about SQLObject:

However, that requires a more full-featured database, like postgresql.

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