[Tutor] unhashable objects (unrelated to previous topic)

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Mon Mar 28 05:52:55 CEST 2005

Orri Ganel wrote:
> Thanks to Jeff and John Fouhy . . . However, my question now is: can I
> treat Nodes sometimes the same and sometimes not? I want to treat
> Nodes whose cargo is the same the same everywhere *except* in a
> dictionary, because I want the user to be able to use LinkedList in a
> broader way than sets allow . . . In order to do this, I need my
> __hash__() method to treat Nodes differently than the rich comparison
> methods do.  Is this a Bad Idea(tm) ?

The problem is, if you have two Nodes a and b where a == b, you will expect that for any dictionary 
d[a] == d[b]. If Node.__eq__() has different semantics than Node.__hash__() this expectation will 
not be correct.


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