[Tutor] Launching a file browser

Mike Hall michael.hall at critterpixstudios.com
Tue Mar 29 04:53:39 CEST 2005

On Mar 28, 2005, at 4:24 PM, jfouhy at paradise.net.nz wrote:

> So, you are writing a GUI app and you want some kind of open file 
> dialog?  Won't
> this depend on what toolkit you are using for your GUI?
> If you are using Tkinter (which should work on OS X, I think), try:
>>>> import tkFileDialog
>>>> f = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename()
> Check dir(tkFileDialog) for other functions.
> But other GUI toolkits will have their own functions.

I my case the gui will be comprised of html and javascript, talking to 
python through system calls. I basically want to know if there's an 
equivalent of the "webbrowser()" module (which launches my browser) for 
file dialogs. This is what EasyDialogs should do, but does not.


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