[Tutor] What is the best book to start?

Lee Cullens leec03273 at mac.com
Thu Mar 31 06:30:11 CEST 2005

I can only comment on what I know and I have the O'Reilly Python series 
which begins with the "Learning Python" book you have (if you have the 
2nd ed.).  Just getting started with Python myself.  The first book has 
gone quite fast, but then I'm a retired software engineer.  Even so, I 
think it would be very good for someone with limited programming 

Now get your nose back in that book :~)

Lee C

On Mar 30, 2005, at 11:08 PM, Hoffmann wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am starting to studying Python. I have some previous
> experience with C (beginner level). Could, anyone,
> please, suggest a good Python book? I have both
> "Learning Python" by Lutz & Ascher, and "Python How to
> Program" by Deitel and others. Are those good books?
> Thanks.
> Hoffmann

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