[Tutor] construct

Eric Walker ewalker at micron.com
Fri Nov 4 20:26:58 CET 2005

Thanks all

On Friday 04 November 2005 11:53 am, Kent Johnson wrote:
> Eric Walker wrote:
> > All,
> > Whats the construct that allows to loop through a list and perform an
> > action? you also can add a test at the end. something like myfile =
> > [print name for name in yourlist, if ...]
> It's called a list comprehension. You can see some examples here:
> http://docs.python.org/tut/node7.html#SECTION007140000000000000000
> It won't work with your example though - 'print' is a statement, not an
> expression, and cannot be used in a LC. You could use sys.stdout.write(name
> + '\n') instead if you like.
> Personally I think it is bad style to use a LC for its side effects; in
> those cases I prefer to write the loop out.
> Kent

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