[Tutor] How I use images in a GUI?

Liam Clarke-Hutchinson Liam.Clarke-Hutchinson at business.govt.nz
Sun Nov 6 23:47:11 CET 2005

Depends on your GUI toolkit and widget.

For instance, in wxPython's  wx.BitmapButton widget, there's a specific
method to set the bitmap, and then the underlying C++ code interfaces with
the GDI portion of the Win32 API and draws it for you.
I'm not too sure about Tkinter, but I assume it's the same way. 
With regards to games, I suggest you check out www.pygame.org
<http://www.pygame.org> , instead of trying to use a GUI framework as it
makes basic game development very simple, whereas a GUI framework doesn't.
Especially with adding images to shapes on screen.


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Hey all,
I have a question that I can't figure out, despite reading the help and
everything else. How do I use an image or images in a Graphic User
Interface, and link them to parts of my code i.e. a picture of a game piece
to its value?
Thanks in advance,
Nathan Pinno

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