[Tutor] Is Python a good choise for this project?

bruno kaizer at mail.pt
Mon Nov 7 20:38:04 CET 2005


 > Python is capable of building such a system if thats what you mean.
 > Proivided high performance (real time rapid animation say) is not
 > then it should perform adequately.

Yes, performance is not a great concern.

 > But it will require quite a bit of
 > learning,
 > not just the core language but a GUI toolkit, and maybe the PyGame
 > framework too.
 > > graphics lib, like Pygame)? Other alternatives at this point are Java
 > > C/SDL/Allegro.
 > If you already know these environments and have built similar
 > in them you may be faster sticking with them. But if you have the time
 > energy to learn a new language then Python offers the promise of more
 > development in the future and easier maintenance. If you know Java you
 > might consider using Jython to write the core objects and Java to do the
 > GUI parts - Jython makes Python objects that are also valid Java objects
 > and vice versa.

I have experience with both Java and C. However using them will also
involve some learning since I don't have much graphical animation
experience (Java 2D if Java, SDL or Allegro if C). Since I got somewhat
interested in Python's simplicity I added it to the possibility list
because this would be an "excuse" to learn Python and Python's simplicity
could help concentrate on the techniques and algorithms and less on the

Java will probably be the choisen since I'm confortable with it and it can
lead to less problems than C - the downsite is Java's heavy sintax.

Jython seams interesting. Will check it.

Thanks for your message.

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