[Tutor] Mono

Danny Yoo dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 7 20:44:58 CET 2005

> Slightly off topic, but could someone explain/ point me to a URL that
> explains how one might use Python with Mono (I guess it would be
> IronPython, rather than CPython), and what advantages it might give you
> (apart from a possible speed up of IronPython vs. CPython). I'm
> especially interested in the idea of being able to write different bits
> in different languages, and then run them all on Mono.

Hi Matt,

This is really specialized; I'd recommend checking with the IronPython
folks on this one.


They're pretty active; I see some familiar faces like Liam in the archives
there.  *grin* I'd ask them, since they'd be most familiar with Python on

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