[Tutor] Namespace Problem

Carroll, Barry Barry.Carroll at psc.com
Tue Nov 8 03:28:19 CET 2005


Thank you for the explanation.  This is a subtlety of Python that has
tripped me up before.  


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> >         seq += 1
> The above statement binds a value to the name 'seq'. If a name is bound
> anywhere within a block,  the compiler treats it as a local name and it
> will not be looked up in the global namespace. When the struct.pack() line
> is executed, seq is not bound in the local namespace and you get an error.
> The solution is to include 'global seq' in do_stuff(); this tells the
> compiler that seq should always be treated as a global name even though it
> is bound in the current block.
> This a little bit subtle because you are using seq += 1. Still this is
> binding a new value to seq and you need to declare it global.
> Kent


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