[Tutor] any code to draw parabola or curve?

Alex Hunsley lard at tardis.ed.ac.uk
Tue Nov 8 12:55:34 CET 2005

Shi Mu wrote:

>any code to draw parabola or curve?
That question is so general and vague it's either unanswerable, or very 
easy to answer.
I'll try the 'very easy' answer: yes, there is probably code somewhere 
to draw a parabola or curve. Have you tried making a start on this 
yourself? Did you run into a problem?
Or perhaps: did you try googling for 'draw parabola' or 'parabola equation'?

If you've not made a start on attempting this problem, and need help, 
try breaking down your help request into sub-requests. Like, you might 
be wondering what the algorithm or maths is for drawing a 
parabola/curve. Or you might be wondering about how to display a curve 
on screen. (Ascii output? Generating an image file like a gif? Output to 
a window using a GUI toolkit like wxPython?) Or are you just expecting 
someone to post fully functional code from a vague request?

The following is highly recommended reading. It's called "How to ask 
questions the smart way":

best of luck!

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