[Tutor] interfaces and abstract classes in python

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Nov 8 14:17:59 CET 2005

Alex Hunsley wrote:
> Oh yes, I'd always reply to the list in the very least; I was really 
> just wondering what the etiquette was concerning emails also going back 
> to the person you're reply to directly (as well as to the list). I ask 
> because the list is set up so that it appears replies are also meant to 
> go to the person you're replying to. It would seem to be more sensible 
> if the emails sent out to the list had the 'from:' being the list 
> address, rather than the actual sender; then hitting plain old reply 
> would work (currently I have to hit 'reply all', otherwise it just 
> emails the person I'm replying to).

This is a frequent request, the reason is here:


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