[Tutor] Python persistent webserver?

Frank Bloeink frankbloeink at nerdshack.com
Tue Nov 8 15:47:30 CET 2005


maybe you can have a look at twisted http://twistedmatrix.com , which is
an "event-driven network framework". I think you could easily build your
own server to handle your requests, you don't even need an apache
webserver for that.
Just have a look, there's some documentation/tutorials out there and
there's even a book on the framework called "Twisted Network Programming
Essentials" which I'm working through atm.

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 17:32 +0800, Howard Kao wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know the subject is confusing but I don't know how to describe what
> I would like to ask concisely.
> Basically I would like to have a program (or server or whatever) take
> an HTTP POST method (which contains some information, maybe even an
> XML file) from a client, process these XML/information, and then
> generate an XML to send back to the client.
> Currently the environment it has to be done under is Apache on Linux. 
> I am thinking that it may have to be a persistent running program... 
> However it seems a daunting task for a Python noob like me.
> Preferably it doesn't need threading and need not to be sophiscated at
> all, as long as it can take the request, process info and send stuff
> back to a client.
> I have no idea how to do this at all and couldn't find much
> information.  The Base, Simple, CGI HTTPServer modules all seem a
> little lacking , but that's probably due to my lack of py-fu to start
> with...   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Many thanks!
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