[Tutor] Who called me?

Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Tue Nov 8 20:57:34 CET 2005

Bill Campbell wrote:
> Is there a way in python for a method to determine its parent?
 > In particular, I'm working with SimpleXMLRPCServer, and would
 > like to be able to find the client_address in the routine that
 > has been dispatched.  I know that client_address is an attribute
 > of the handler class instance, but don't know how to get to that.

I'm not sure what you mean by its parent (also never worked with 
SimpleXMLRPCServer). Something like this?

 >>> class A(object):
...     pass
 >>> class B(object):
...     pass
 >>> def func(self):
...     print self.__class__
 >>> A.f = func
 >>> B.f = func
 >>> a, b = A(), B()
 >>> a.f(), b.f()
<class '__main__.A'>
<class '__main__.B'>



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