[Tutor] TKinter Question

John Fouhy john at fouhy.net
Tue Nov 8 23:17:07 CET 2005

On 08/11/05, Rob Dowell <rob at customdatasoft.com> wrote:
> Just a quick TKinter question. Is it possible to have custom
> frames/widgets? In other words can I customize the way that the GUI
> looks (i.e. rounded corners on the frames, beveled/raised edges, etc.) I
> was just wondering if it was possible and if it is possible then where I
> might get some information on how to do it. Thank you very much, Rob.

Have you looked at the options for the frame class? Eg, Frame(parent,
borderwidth=2, relief=RIDGE)

If you want more, you could build custom widgets using a Canvas.

Finally, you could try the Widget Construction Kit:
http://effbot.org/zone/wck.htm This is quite new, however, so you
might not get any help here (unless there's some WCK experts hiding
here somewhere :-) ).


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