[Tutor] How to launch executable from a Python script??

Pujo Aji ajikoe at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 00:08:15 CET 2005

Try to add .py in PATHEXT environment windows XP
After that, you can call your python program just like you call exe file.
 Hope this help.

 On 11/8/05, Chris Irish <chris.irish at libertydistribution.com> wrote:
> Hello all :)
> I made a GUI app with pyGTK that I want to be able to launch a game I've
> downloaded from the pygame website when a button is clicked. I was able
> to do this on a linux box since the file was a .py file, but I'm not
> sure how to do it on a windows box since the file is an executeable. On
> linux I did this:
> import os
> olddir = os.getcwd() #to keep a reference to the old
> directory to switch games later
> os.chdir('spacinVaders-0.1') #switch to the game's directory
> os.spawnlp(os.P_NOWAIT, 'pythonw', 'pythonw', 'play.py')
> and it would launch fine.... can someone help me with this??
> Thanks in advance..... Chris :P
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