[Tutor] Newbie Anxiety

Terry Kemmerer wildcard2005 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 10 23:29:59 CET 2005

I'm working on Ch. 5, "Fruitful Functions", or "How To Think Like A
Computer Scientist" and I still can't count.
(Don't laugh! I can't play the violin either...)

In Basic, I would have said:

10  x = x + 1 :  print x : goto 10


I don't know why, but this great UNKNOWN bothers me a lot. Maybe it is
because it was the first thing I learned in Basic, 
back 20 years ago when I was actually a programmer....  But I  think it
goes toward visualizing how things are 
going flow and be constructed without line numbers and the venerable
GOTO statement. 

How is this done in Python? (So I can stop holding my breath as I study
this great language....and relax.)


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