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I have written a small peg game using Pygame.
This is the first working version. I have a
request and a couple of perhaps silly questions.

To anyone willing to take the time to have a
look at the code and offer any advice or
suggestions, I would be much appreciative.
I'm looking for code suggestions rather than
game-play suggestions, although I'm open to
any help.

I haven't got my head really wrapped around the
OO stuff, so I'm thinking rewriting it using
classes would make a good project to learn
with. Is this the sort of thing that one would
use classes for? Or is is better left as
simple as possible?

Now here is the perhaps silly question. Is
something like this need to have a license?
What I mean is, as I play with and improve
this game and want to share it with others,
should I choose a license and add the legal
stuff with the distributed product?

I have learned so much reading this list. I
hope I've asked my questions right.

The game appears to also work on Windows also,
but does require you to have Pygame installed.
It was written on Slackware with Python 2.4.1

The code:


And the images:


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