[Tutor] question about serial coms

Hugo González Monteverde hugonz-lists at h-lab.net
Mon Nov 14 19:35:50 CET 2005

Hi Nephish,

Are you using pyserial or rolling your own? Normally you can write and 
read to the /dev/ttySXX file at the same time; since they're special 
files, not ordinary files, the driver handles that.

Handling both writing and reading in your program's flow control is a 
wholly different matter, though. You might  need to use select()  to 
avoid blocking.

Are you using two completely different scripts for reding and writing?

There is some valuable info, if not about python, in the Serial 
Programming howto, at:



nephish wrote:
> Hey there,
> 	i am developing on a linux computer with the serial module. Now, i
> already am able to recieve info from a serial RS232 device and process
> everything ok. What i need to do now is write to the serial device, but
> i also need to be able to not interrupt the script that is reading from
> it. 
> 	I guess my question is, do i have to interrupt the reading script to
> write to the same RS232 device ?
> 	and if so, how do i do that?
> 	thanks,
> 	shawn
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