[Tutor] TurboGears - and some issues

Matt Williams matthew.williams at cancer.org.uk
Mon Nov 14 21:01:14 CET 2005

Dear Alan,

I haven't used it, but I've looked through it, and it looks v.
interesting. One of the things I like is that it glues lots of different
bits together (I came across it while looking at SQLObject), and so
benefits from their advances.

<This bit is meant as a compliment>I was a bit surprised that you hadn't
come across it before, as in general you seem to be one of the core team
on the list (in that you tend to answer rather than ask most questions).

This got me thinking about how we stay up with different, and new,
python projects. I tend to look at the Daily Python URL, as well as some
Technorati and del.icio.us tagged sites/blogs. Where else do other
people look?


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