[Tutor] Favourite modules - Wiki Was Re: TurboGears - and some issues

Ismael Garrido ismaelgf at adinet.com.uy
Tue Nov 15 05:55:29 CET 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:

>Maybe we should start a thread of favorite addons. For me, Jason Orendorff's path module is definitely #1 on the list, probably followed by Fredrik Lundh's ElementTree.
A wonderful idea! I have created a wiki page in Python.org with a list 
of such 'favourite' modules.
Please take a look:

I put some of the modules I could remember being praised here. I hope I 
didn't miss any (well, save for web frameworks, I haven't been paying 
much attention)

I hope I haven't made a mess, it was my first edit into python's wiki. I 
wasn't sure where to stick it, so I added it under DevelopmentTools.

I hope the page helps somebody!
(Today I'm "hopey" :)


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