[Tutor] Overloading comparisons

Hugo González Monteverde hugonz-lists at h-lab.net
Tue Nov 15 20:03:02 CET 2005

Hi Danny,

That's nice. I do think I'm going this way

I don't want the container to grow too big in memory, not bigger than 1k 
elements(it is a cache), but when deleting an element I need it to be 
the oldest files (again, because it is a cache)

Thanks for the advice, I'm going this way. My OOP skills *are* sloppy...


Danny Yoo wrote:
>>I defined an object wich describes a video clip, like this
>>class VideoSegment:
>>     def __init__(self, filename):
>>         # Attributes that have to be present
>>         self.filename = filename

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