[Tutor] Newb ?

Liam Clarke-Hutchinson Liam.Clarke-Hutchinson at business.govt.nz
Thu Nov 17 21:43:57 CET 2005

>list() takes any iterable and returns a list object.
Hmm, I did not know that the list(str) thing worked that way.That'll reduce
the list comprehensions, but is it intuitive? Would a newbie see that and
think that list("Hi") returns ["Hi"] or ["H","i"] ?
>reversedMessage = ''.join(reversed(list(message)))

Yes, but for clarity when demonstrating a concept, one-liners should be
minimised, I think. ;)
But I agree, you can create some obscenely complicated one liners, which are
still understandable.
I find I have to force myself sometimes to refactor some of the ones I come
up with, however. Good rule of thumb is when you're feeling impressed with
your own cleverness, you probably need to refactor. 
(Thanks c2 wiki, for teaching me that.)

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Liam said:
> How about -
> print "\n\nWelcome to the Backwards Message Display."
> print
> message = raw_input("\nPlease Enter a Message.")
> msgAsList = [ char for char in message]

You could also do:

msgAsList = list(message)

list() takes any iterable and returns a list object.

> msgAsList.reverse()
> reversedMessage = ''.join(msgAsList)

In Python 2.4, the following is also possible:

reversedMessage = ''.join(reversed(list(message)))

It's amazing how in Python even one-liners can be so pretty :-)


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