[Tutor] Pretty XML

Greg Lindstrom tubaranger at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 16:33:48 CET 2005

I am in the process of creating an XML document from information stored in
our database.  One of my colleagues will use the record to format our
information (health care claims) into all sorts of forms, reports, etc.  He
is partial to PHP5 but I like Python and would like to know if there is
something that would read in my XML file and format it in a similar manner
to "pretty print" so I can verify the correct information is being pulled.
I have looked into the XML documentation and, to be honest, I am overwhelmed
with the choices; SAX, DOM, XPath, 4Suite, and more.  Though I've been
coding full time for 25 years, I'm new to XML and could use some pointers.

My immediate concern is to read in an XML stream from a file and format it
with indentation so that I can read and verify the data against out
database.  My long term concern is what tool(s) do you think would give the
biggest return against the effort required to learn them?  The claim files I
am generating will be less than a meg each, if that matters.

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