[Tutor] lil help please - updated (fwd) (Chris or Leslie Smith)

Alan ldapguru at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 25 22:41:11 CET 2005

Thanks Getting Simpler

I tested the below on python command line, it is very cool

1. So, how do we translate its re.compile into python?
2. them how to move it to at the end of |R and before next |H

3. I can almost remove all numbers (delete 0-9) and start new numbering

>>> multiLines = '''This (as you
... can see) is multilined.'''
>>> multiLines.splitlines()
['This (as you', 'can see) is multilined.']
>>> ' '.join(multiLines.splitlines())
'This (as you can see) is multilined.'
>>> # the above is one line and much easier to handle now.

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