[Tutor] how to read a non english text file

Basem Narmok narm at go.com.jo
Sat Nov 26 03:18:56 CET 2005

enas khalil wrote:

>hello everyone 
>  still my question about if i could read and process  a non english language text file using python 
Hi Enas,
I think you mean Arabic language, yes of course you can, and I think you 
should see the Duali project:

Duali is a simple Arabic spell checker written in Python, Duali will be 
a good start if you are interested in Arabic language, It will be hard 
if you are a newbie but try and see the code you will learn a lot.
you can see a screenshot for Duali running at : 
What you need to learn is Unicode with Python, Duali is a very good example.

Good Luck

Basem Narmok

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