[Tutor] Handling Objects

Eric Walker ewalker at micron.com
Wed Oct 5 23:41:59 CEST 2005

New to Python and trying to do some class stuff with a simple task. 
1) get a list of file names in a directory
2) create variables with the same name of each filename pulled from the 
3) Create an object for each and pass into the __init__ method the stringname 
of the file name.

This way I get a collection of objects that are the same name as the file name 
and within each instance of the class , a particular attribute will have the 
string name of the object.  Hope this isn't too confusing.. example.

class TPROJ:
    def __init__(self,value):#createMethod auto executes since it has __
        self.BASENAME = value
   def display(self):#display method
        print self.BASENAME
def getNames():
    import os
    temp=currentDir + '/TEMP'
    for name in baseList:
        name = TPROJ(name)
        print name

Can anyone see what I am trying to do?

Python Newbie.......

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