[Tutor] Making a character jump with pygame

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 7 13:57:01 CEST 2005

>      I've edited the aliens.py example to make my character just move
>back and forth. However I can't make him jump!

It is not really clear to me from your code where you expect the
character to jump. I do not see the word "jump" anywhere. I do
see the word "bounce" and one reference to the top of the image
so I will figure that is where you are working.

You have a .move method for your Player sprite:

    def move(self, direction):
        if direction: self.facing = direction
        self.rect.move_ip(direction*self.speed, 0)
        self.rect = self.rect.clamp(SCREENRECT)
        if direction < 0:
            self.image = self.images[0]
        elif direction > 0:
            self.image = self.images[1]
        self.rect.top = self.origtop - (self.rect.left/self.bounce%2)

origtop is set to the original value of top when the sprite is
created, and bounce = 1 and never changes.

What are you hoping this code will do?

Just as an experiment (to test that changes to self.rect.top
will actually make the sprite move up) I changed

self.rect.top = self.origtop - (self.rect.left/self.bounce%2)
self.rect.top -= 1

You might want to look at that.

Help us to help you. Name something "jump" or put in some
comments about what you are expecting, and what is not

>Here's my code (attached). I'm trying to make a platformer Mario style 

The other thing I notice is that in the controls section...

        #handle player input
        direction = keystate[K_RIGHT] - keystate[K_LEFT]

You handle K_LEFT and K_RIGHT but there is nothing to handle any
"jump" event. How does the user cause the Player to jump?

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