[Tutor] FW: Is it Posible? To Crack And HowTo

Daniel Watkins daniel at thewatkins.org.uk
Fri Oct 7 17:27:47 CEST 2005

> > I've already read before, it's not hacking I'm into now but a
> similar thing, Cracking
Hacking and cracking are two completely different things. Hacking is a
developer with some real talent actually making a contribution to
computing by writing something of use. Cracking is a jackass who's too
cheap to buy some proprietary software and/or too lazy/stupid to learn
how to do what he wants to do in OSS. With the utmost respect,

However, I don't want to use up the list, so if you want to comment on
anything I just wrote, feel free to email me personally
(daniel at thewatkins.org.uk as opposed to tutor at python.org)

> No, you can't get help cracking proprietary software on this list.
> Many of us are professional software developers who make a living as
> "greedy people having fun licensing software".
How do you sleep at night? ;)


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