[Tutor] is there any Python code for spatial tessellation?

Duncan Gibson duncan at thermal.esa.int
Mon Oct 10 10:41:58 CEST 2005

This is off-topic for Python: I've seen this on the FLTK mailing list,
but you might find some of the links under this page useful:


  "OpenGL spherical subdivision utility. Currently employs particle
   and geodesic modules. GUI morphers can split Delaunay and Voronoi
   hulls to create new cells in the lattice. Additionally, morphers
   can target individual cells to split or stellate. Can be used to
   generate vertices for geodesic spheres, pollen, radiolaria, viruses
   and other polyhedra. Saves VRML 1.0 and POV-Ray inc file."

   This isn't my field of expertise.
   I haven't used this software.
   Don't ask me any questions about it.

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