[Tutor] line question

Daniel Watkins daniel at thewatkins.org.uk
Mon Oct 10 16:43:49 CEST 2005

> There are four points with coordinates: 
> 2,3;4,9;1,6;3,10. 
> How to use Python to draw one perpendicular bisector between (2,3) and
> (4,9); 
> the other perpendicular bisector between (1,6)和(3,10); 
> then, makes the output like: 
> l1 a b c 
> l2 a b c 
> (Note: l indicates the perpendicular bisector with equation ax + by =
> c.) 
> Plus the intersection coordinates of the two perpendicular bisectors: 
> x,y 

What code do you have thus far?


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