[Tutor] redemo.py and r'python\.org'

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Thu Oct 13 23:36:54 CEST 2005

Dick Moores wrote:
> I've begun to try out redemo.py to test and learn regular expressions. It 
> doesn't seem to accept Python's raw strings as raw strings, e.g., 
> r'python\.org'  for matching  python.org  and nothing else. Am I correct, 
> or is there something I don't understand here?

In redemo you just type the actual regex string, no quotes or r prefix. So if you type into the top text box
and in the middle text box
then you will get a match.

In your program then you have to type the regex as a string literal so you would type

> BTW redemo.py can be found in Python 2.4 in Tools\Scripts.
> BTW2 The new book, _Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional_, by 
> Magnus Lie Hetland, has 16 pages on the re module, pp. 235-251.
> (A question about quoting in a Tutor post: in my 1st paragraph above, how 
> could I have indicated that I am quoting both
> r'python\.org'   and     python.org
> without using quotation marks to do so, so as to not confuse the regex? I 
> think I remember someone recently using angled brackets. So how about 
> <r'python\.org'> and <python.org>?  Is there a convention about this?)

I found it clear the way you typed it. In my response I set the strings off with newlines and an indent. Angle brackets would probably work fine too. IOW I don't think there is really a convention.

> Thanks,
> Dick Moores
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