[Tutor] python ncurses vs OS X Tiger's xterms.

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 05:36:03 CEST 2005

Bill this is a guess but try setting the terminal type to vt220
or vt330 or similar rather than xterm. Does that make any difference?

curses uses the termcap database to determine how int interacts with
the keyboard so changing the terminal type to somethingwell defined
might make a difference?

But it is a stab in the dark...

Alan G.

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> I'm having an ``interesting'' problem running interactive python ncurses
> applications in xterms under Mac OS X where the numeric keypad is forced
> into application mode and the numlock key has no effect.  We're using
> curses with accounting and data entry applications for efficient keyboard
> entry, which isn't efficient if one can't enter numeric data from the
> keypad.
> The Apple terminal program will work with the keypad entering numbers (but
> the function keys don't work with it :-).
> Is there any way with the python ncurses modules to force the xterm keypad
> into numeric mode?  I haven't found anything in the terminfo documentation
> or in the xterm X-11 Resources that control this.
> FWIW, the same python applications work fine when running under XFree86 or
> Xorg X-servers on Linux or FreeBSD systems.  It's only a problem under
> Apple's X11, at least on Tiger and Panther which are the only machines I
> have in-house for testing.
> Bill
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