[Tutor] guidance for web site development

Johan Geldenhuys johan at accesstel.co.za
Fri Oct 14 10:25:19 CEST 2005

I am also looking for a good tutorial on this subject. Have you tried 
http://www.modpython.org/ ?
I think that the mod_python mailing list will be a better place to ask. 
I'm going to.


nitin chandra wrote:

>      Hi!...
>i am new to Python and i want to develop a website with forms; data
>submitted through forms will be stored in PostgreSQL.
>I am working on deriviant of FC3, OpenLX.
>I have Apache 2.0.54 version installed, which is pre-configured with mod_python.
>how do i load and view my .py/.html web page (file) on the browser.
>i need the initial hand holding/guidance of how to start, configure ,
>and develop modules.
>thanks in advance.
>Nitin Chandra
>Tutor maillist  -  Tutor at python.org

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