[Tutor] Python 2.4.1 on Mndrk Linux 10.1 - path

Andy Dani andy.dani at lycos.com
Fri Oct 14 19:51:44 CEST 2005

Python 2.3.2 came with the linux distribution which is located in /usr/lib.

Installed 2.4.1 in /usr/local/Python-2.4.1 

updated /etc/profile path so IDLE or "python" would point to the latest version (2.4.1). 
    export PATH

But it is still pointing to the old one unless I go /use/local/Python-2.4.1/python.

I want to be able to launch and run python 2.4.1, from the user account so I do not need to be "root" every time. 

One more question, 
what is the significance of "import readline" in pythonrc.py file? Any harm if I comment that line out? this line gives a problem when I launch the 2.4.1 from /usr/loca/Python-2.4.1 directory.

Thanks - 


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