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Sun Oct 16 01:14:33 CEST 2005

On 10/15/05, Andy Dani <andy.dani at lycos.com> wrote:
>When I python from /usr/loca/Python-2.4.1/bin, it does launch the
interpreter but with an traceback error saying there is some conflict
with "import readline" line on pythonrc.py file located somewhere in
/etc/ directory. Is there any harm If I comment the it out (import


did you build 2.4.1 yourself and install it in /usr/local?  it's
possible that when you compiled it, you did not have the readline
library installed -- Python by default looks for it and tries to build
Python with it.

you may have to download the readline code, build it 1st, then rebuild
Python.  the readline page is

i would say commenting out the import line is not a good idea.  an
import stmt like the one in question usually means that a module will
be doing something with it, i.e., readline.XXX().  if you take it out,
you'll likely get an error that reads something like, "NameError:
global name 'readline' not found."

hope this helps!
-- wesley
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