[Tutor] pytunes (Was __slots__, struct, etc.)

Liam Clarke ml.cyresse at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 10:58:20 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Well, the fruits of my labour and your assistance is now at a basic
level. 'Tis called pytunes, designed to parse and make sense of the
iPod's database file.

I'm not satisfied with it at all, it's a bit half baked in terms of
functions and classes, but I would heartily welcome your perusal and
feedback, criticisms, suggestions regarding it as you see fit.

I need to take a break and gain some perspective, but I'm going to
keep working on this until it's usable and consistent.

And, if anyone's got an iPod of any sort, please give it a go, and let
me know how it goes, my little iPod mini isn't a broad test.

Page is here - http://silence.decivex.net/pytunes.htm

Please note, as I'm an absolute beginner with webpages and CSS, my
website looks absolutely terrible in Internet Explorer, and I have no
idea why, but I'm trying to fix it.
(Any hints on this also gratefully received.)

I'd like to thank those who've assisted me in grappling with some more
unusual corners of Python, with special thanks (in no particular
order) to Kent, Alan Gauld and Danny.


Liam Clarke

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