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>Hello all,
>I had a new question about python. I am pretty much in tutorial learning 
>stages, but attempting to create sample programs not in my book to learn 
>how to construct scripts.
>I understand the format of while loops, but is it possible to use the 
>random.randrange function in them?
>My goal, create a program that flips a coin 100 times, at the end it says 
>the number of times it flipped heads and flipped tails.
>My dilemia, how do I get this to work with a while loop? I tried intially 
>then I figured I could just do a while loop and then use the random 
>function each time. At the end it could count the number of times the 
>random generated a 0 or a 1.
>However I can't seem to construct it in a way that makes or works.

Show us your code, as flawed as it might be. Then we can advise you. 
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