[Tutor] Global var problem

Nick Lunt nick at javacat.f2s.com
Sat Oct 29 20:37:15 CEST 2005

Alan Gauld wrote:

>> messing about with classes I've come across something basic that I 
>> don't understand.
> As you say this has nothing to do with classes its more basic. Its 
> about namespaces. Try reading the namespaces topic in my tutor for 
> more info.
> Meanwhile lets simplify by removing the class bit
> def h():
>   global x
>   x += 1
>  print x
> h()   # prints 43

Many thanks to Alan, Andrei, Hugo and Welsey for helping me to 
understand where I was going wrong.
I thought I understood namespaces but _obviously_ not .

Thanks again,
Nick .

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