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Tim Johnson tim at johnsons-web.com
Mon Oct 31 22:31:08 CET 2005

* Scott Clausen <scottclausen at mac.com> [051030 16:30]:
> As a newbie to Python I'd like to know if someone can tell me some  
> strengths and weaknesses of this language. The reason I'm asking is a  
> friend told me I should learn Perl over Python as it's more  
> prevalent.  I'm going to be using it on a Mac.
  Prevalent? So what? Forget Perl entirely. Learn python and rebol 
  (www.rebol.com). At the same time.
  That's how we trained programmers here.
  Rebol arguably exceeds both python and perl in terms of sheer
  productivity on a line for line basis, but has a very small 
  user base and fewer modules.

  But the bottom line is to be multi-lingual. 
  Here's a pretty standard coding day for me.
  1)Write rebol code which parses html and generates python, perl
   and javascript code for deployment.
  2)Write python code for the deployment (front end), database
   interaction, server-side data validation etc.
  3)Write Javascript for client-side data validation, dynamic
    html etc.
  4)Write elisp code to enhance productivity of my Emacs and Xemacs
  5)Use vim/gvim for system wide analysis and editing.

  I believe the rebol is pretty straight-forward and easy to
  install for the mac.

  I use Python for most of the services used directly by customers
  on larger projects 'cuz it scales better (for me). and python teaches
  me good coding practices. IOWS, coding in python makes me a better
  rebol programmer too.

  The bottom line is don't get stuck on one programming language.
  I've seen new programmers go thru a fast learning curve, pick up
  something faster than an ol' fart like me would, but get so
  settled in one programming niche or another that they can't or
  won't change. Not good!

  I think python is the best way to learn *good* programming.

> I'd appreciate hearing any views on this topic. My own view is that  
> it's always good to learn new things as you then have more tools to  
> use in your daily programming.
> Thanks in advance.
> Scott
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