[Tutor] New GUI module

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 5 00:41:34 CEST 2005

>> Currently learning JSP with the aid of the NetBeans IDE...
>> Next step: integrating Jython with JSP and NetBeans... :-)
> It's very easy to write a servlet in Jython,

Its not the beans/servlet side that's beating me, its the JSP 
tags stuff. The only web programming I've done has been boring
old CGI and JSP requires me to turn my brain inside out...

But an awful lot of magic happens with these mysterious tags.
I'm working through the NetBeans tutorials and also "JSP for
Dummies"(!!). But now I have to go on a 4 day business trip
so I'll forget half what I've learned! :-(

Alan G. 

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