[Tutor] Substring substitution

Bernard Lebel 3dbernard at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 21:10:26 CEST 2005


I have a string, and I use a regular expression to search a match in
it. When I find one, I would like to break down the string, using the
matched part of it, to be able to perform some formatting and to later
build a brand new string with the separate parts.

The regular expression part works ok, but my problem is to extract the
matched pattern from the string. I'm not sure how to do that...

sString = 'mt_03_04_04_anim'

# Create regular expression object
oRe = re.compile( "\d\d_\d\d\_\d\d" )

# Break-up path
aString = sString.split( os.sep )

# Iterate individual components
for i in range( 0, len( aString ) ):
	sSubString = aString[i]
	# Search with shot number of 2 digits
	oMatch = oRe.search( sSubString )

	if oMatch != None:
		# Replace last sequence of two digits by 3 digits!!

Any suggestion would be welcomed.


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