[Tutor] upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4.1 on Mandrake Linux 10.1

Michael Lange klappnase at freenet.de
Mon Sep 12 19:31:32 CEST 2005

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 07:35:52 -0500
"Andy Dani" <andy.dani at lycos.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Which is the best location to install Python in Linux? Should it be under one directory or different (like lib, doc, bin etc.)?
> I followed installation instructions in "inst.pdf" from python documents. I can see that Python 2.4.1 has been installed in /user/lib/local by standard installation procedure. When I launch my IDLE or "Python" at shell, Python 2.3 comes up! Why? Do I need to upgrade any other config files? 
> Also, I am looking for help in upgrading xwPython package, OpenGL package, and installation of BOA constructor. They go in which directories?

Hi Nirav,

I recommend not to *upgrade* the existing python installation but simply install a second version.
The reason is that some system specific programs may depend on python-2.3 or one of the extensions
that are already installed.

If you are running Mandrake the best bet is to download mandrake's source rpm from 


and build the binary RPM from it. After installing the RPM you should make sure
that the link "/usr/bin/python" points to "/usr/bin/python2.3" .

If you want to run the new python, just type "python2.4" (or in your scripts use the
shebang line "#!/usr/bin/env python2.4" )
(this should work if you already installed python-2.4 into /usr/local , too).

WxPython and OpenGL should probably be installed into the python2.x/site-packages directory,
BOA is (as far as I know) pure python and can be installed anywhere; if you want to run BOA with
python-2.4 you will probably have to edit the shebandg line in BOA's main program file (or type
python2.4 boa (or however the main program is called).

Maybe you can find mandrake source RPM's for these, too, which might make it easier for you
to install everything in the correct place.

I hope this helps


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