[Tutor] Another regular expression question

Bernard Lebel 3dbernard at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 23:57:33 CEST 2005

Hello, yet another regular expression question :-)

So I have this xml file that I'm trying to find a specific tag in. For
this I'm using a regular expression. Right now, the tag I'm trying to
find looks like this:

<sceneobject name="Camera_Root_bernard" type="CameraRoot">

So I'm using a regular expression to find:

My code looks like this:

import os, re

def searchTag( sPattern, sFile ):
	Scans a xml file to try to find a line that matches search criterias.
	sPattern (string): regular expression pattern string
	sFile (string): full file path to scan
	RETURN VALUE: text line (string) or None
	oRe = re.compile( sPattern )
	if os.path.exists( sFile ) == False: return None
		oFile = file( sFile, 'r' )
		for sLine in oFile.xreadlines(): # read text
			oMatch = oRe.search( sLine ) # attempt a search
			if oMatch != None: # check if search returned success
				return sLine
		# Scan has yield no result, return None
		return None

sLine = searchTag( r'(sceneobject)(type="CameraRoot")', sFile )

The thing is that I suspect my regular expression pattern to be
incorrect because I always get None, but am at a loss here. Any advice
would be welcomed.


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